Google Play Music is always running

Google Play Music is always running How to stop Google Play Music is always running

One of the recent Android upgrades is a new feature which causes Google Play Music to always run and ready to play your music. Maybe this is a nice feature for someone who frequently listens to a lot of music. The Google Play music app is always running in background, even when the device is put to sleep.

You can attempt to flag the app to sleep when the device sleeps to see if that will stop it from running. Check out this page – Control Sleeping Apps on Android. If you are not using the app, then it is probably not having much of an effect on your battery life and you don’t need to disable the app.

However, for me, it is annoying to see it always running, every time I open a task manager app. First, try to uninstall it – How to delete or uninstall Android Apps?

If you cannot uninstall it, then you can disable it, then download a different app to listen to your MP3 files.

Here is how to disable it:

  • Open Settings
  • Scroll down and touch Application Manager or Apps 
  • Scroll sideways to the All Apps tab
  • Scroll down to the Google Music Play app and touch it
  • Touch Uninstall Updates, and touch OK to confirm that you want to uninstall it
  • When the uninstall is completed, touch Disable

You may get a message telling you that Google Play Music as stopped working, but that is OK, that is the point of this procedure.

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