How To Easily Remote Access A PC From Your Android?

How to setup a remote PC desktop connection from Android?

How to remote access a PC from your Android phone or tablet? There are a few apps available on Google Play that help you to setup a remote desktop connection between an Android phone or tablet and a PC. This article will help you learn how to connect your Android device to a computer remotely.

A remote desktop connection allows the person using the Android device to connect to the desktop computer or laptop and operate the computer just as if they were actually sitting at the computer.  This connection also allows an easy method to move files between the two devices.

Both the Android device and the PC need to be connected to the internet for the remote connection to work.  However, they do not need to be connected to the same router or internet provider.  For example, your PC may be connected to the internet at work using a internet provider, and your Android mobile device is connected to the internet at home using a different internet provider.  No problem, as long as both are connected to the internet, the remote connection can be made and used.

How to remote access a PC from Android Tablet or Phone?

how to remote access a pc from android

There are a few apps that I recommend to setup a remote access desktop connection between an Android phone or tablet and a PC. You can use either of these apps to create remote desktop sessions. The easiest app to use is Chrome Remote Desktop. This app is available in the Google Play Store for free.

Chrome Remote Desktop to Remote Access my PC from Android:

The Chrome Remote Desktop app is the easiest to use and maintains all the required security access. It is free to download and use. The Chrome Remote Desktop app provides all the functionality you need to enable a remote desktop connection using a remote session from your Android phone or tablet. Per the name of the app, this is a Chrome extension and requires that you use Google Chrome for your browser.

Here’s a guide on how to use Chrome Remote Desktop to create a remote connection:

Set Up Remote Access on the Host Computer:

  • Open Chrome on the computer you want to access remotely (the host computer).
  • Go to and click “Download” under “Set up Remote Access.”
  • Follow the prompts to install Chrome Remote Desktop.
  • Click “Enable Remote Connections.”
  • Create a PIN for secure access (6 digits).

Access the PC from an Android Tablet or Phone – Set up remote access:

  • Install the Chrome Remote Desktop app.
  • Open the app and tap on the computer you want to access.
  • Enter the PIN to connect.

Important Notes:

  • Both devices must be connected to the internet.
  • The host computer must be turned on and Chrome Remote Desktop must be running.
  • For remote access, the connection remains active until you or the other user disconnects.

Additional Tips:

  • For a smoother experience, connect to a reliable Wi-Fi network.
  • Adjust screen resolution and scaling as needed.
  • Use keyboard shortcuts for efficient navigation.
  • Disconnect when you’re finished to ensure security.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Remote Accessing a PC from Android:

  1. Which apps are best for remote access?

Some popular options include:

  • Chrome Remote Desktop: Free, simple setup, and works across platforms.
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop: Free, built-in for Windows PCs, optimized for Microsoft services.
  • TeamViewer: Free for personal use, offers additional features like file transfer and multi-monitor support.
  • AnyDesk: Free for non-commercial use, known for high performance and reliability.
  • Splashtop: Paid plan offers superior performance and features like remote game streaming.
  1. Do I need any special software on my PC?

Yes, most apps require a companion app or extension to be installed on the PC you want to access. The setup process usually involves enabling remote access and creating a PIN or access code.

  1. Can I access any file or program on my PC?

Most apps allow full access to the PC’s desktop, files, and programs. However, some might restrict certain functions or require additional configuration.

  1. Does my phone need any special hardware or software?

Most Android phones work smoothly with remote access apps. Ensure your phone has a good internet connection and enough processing power for smoother remote control.

  1. Is it safe to access my PC remotely?

Security depends on the app you choose and your own settings. Use strong passwords, enable two-factor authentication, and only connect from trusted networks. Be cautious about granting remote access to anyone you don’t trust.

  1. Can I control my PC’s mouse and keyboard from my phone?

Yes, most apps allow touch controls and multi-finger gestures to mimic mouse movements and keyboard input. Some even offer virtual keyboards for text input.

  1. What about sound and video?

The ability to stream sound and video varies depending on the app and your internet connection. Some apps offer basic audio transmission, while others might include full video streaming capabilities.

  1. Can I remotely access my PC if it’s behind a firewall?

It depends on the firewall configuration. You might need to adjust firewall settings to allow incoming connections for the specific app you’re using.

  1. What are the data usage implications of remote access?

Streaming your PC’s screen and interacting with it consumes data. Consider using Wi-Fi for larger tasks and monitor your data usage if on a mobile network.

  1. Can I use an alternative method like a VPN?

Yes, but it’s less user-friendly and might offer inferior performance compared to dedicated remote access apps.

Bonus Tip: Choose an app that balances features with your specific needs and technical expertise. Start with free options and explore paid plans if you need advanced features.

Common Problems and Solutions for Remote Accessing a PC from Android:

Connection Issues:

Problem: Connection fails or keeps dropping.

  • Check if both devices have a strong internet connection, preferably Wi-Fi.
  • Restart the apps on both devices and try again.
  • Ensure the host PC is turned on and running the remote access software.
  • Verify firewall settings aren’t blocking the connection.

Input Lag or Slow Performance:

Problem: Laggy mouse movement, slow response times, or video stuttering.

  • Try connecting to a faster internet network, especially for video streaming.
  • Reduce screen resolution or disable unnecessary visuals in the remote access app.
  • Close any demanding applications on the host PC.
  • Consider upgrading your hardware for better performance (phone or PC).

Authentication Errors:

Problem: Incorrect PIN or access code entered, or authentication method failing.

  • Double-check the PIN or code and ensure no typos.
  • Verify the chosen authentication method is correctly configured on both devices.
  • Try re-creating the remote access setup on the host PC.

Security Concerns:

Problem: Worried about unauthorized access or data breaches.

  • Use strong passwords and enable two-factor authentication.
  • Only connect from trusted networks and devices.
  • Be cautious about granting remote access to anyone you don’t trust.
  • Choose a reputable remote access app with proven security features.

App Glitches or Bugs:

Problem: Unexpected app crashes, freezes, or error messages.

  • Update the app to the latest version on both devices.
  • Clear app cache and data on your phone.
  • Reinstall the app on both devices.

Compatibility Issues:

Problem: Incompatible devices or OS versions preventing connection.

  • Ensure both devices meet the app’s system requirements.
  • Update your phone and PC operating systems to the latest versions.
  • Choose a different remote access app with broader compatibility.

Additional Tips:

  • Keep your devices and apps updated for security and performance improvements.
  • Adjust remote access settings to suit your needs (e.g., screen resolution, audio/video options).
  • Familiarize yourself with the chosen app’s features and troubleshooting resources.

By understanding these common problems and solutions, you can troubleshoot most remote access difficulties and enjoy a smooth experience accessing your PC from your Android phone.

I hope these answers help you navigate the world of remote access from your Android phone to your PC!

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